Review Policy

My Review Policy
            The word “policy” sounds so formal and stuffy, which is not my style, but I just use it because the word ‘thingamajig’ just doesn’t sound professional. Boo. Anyway for authors or publishers who have come looking for the low down on what genres I prefer to review, how I review books, how I rate books, and how I will promote/spread the word about the book then you have come to the right place.
The Genre/Subgenre of Books I Like to Review:
In YA (Young Adult) & NA (New Adult), I like to Review:
Contemporary (occasionally)
In Adult, I like to review:
Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance
            I can usually get a book read and reviewed within three weeks; however, my availability to accept books for review changes so I may decline a book for review or warn you that it might take a month or two to read the book and post a review.
            I accept ebooks, ePub files, and physical copies of books.
My Reviews
            No matter what my rating of the book is I will ALWAYS be respectful to the author and their book. I will never bash a book. Ever. I present my reviews in a respectful manner. I always state my reasons for why I didn’t like a book, and I usually suggest ways it could have been better. I realize that books are personal things, and allowing someone to judge it is hard so I make sure to be respectful of that fact.
            That being said, I will always say what I mean and mean what I say. I will not give a book a higher rating or lie about my feelings towards the book just because I was given a copy to review. I owe it to my readers to be truthful and honest in my reviews.
I base my reviews on a few things:

The Writing:
I want to be able to fall into a book world easily, and I want to be able to place myself in the main characters shoes. All of that hinges on how creative and magical the writing is. I thrive on interaction in books, and I usually rate a book higher if it has a lot of interaction and the characters can make me laugh. If the book is extremely heavy with descriptions without a break then I always rate down because I find it boring. Basically, I want the writing to be engaging, funny, and interactive
The Plot:
I dedicate a lot of my review space to the plot of a book because it is essential to have a good plot for a book to thrive. I want a plot full of action, fun, adventure, emotion, and some mystery thrown in. I want to lose myself in a book, and I cannot do that if it lacks the essential characteristics that make a book great. I want a plot to keep me on my toes and on the edge of my seat. Side note, if the book makes me cry, it almost always gets at least four stars out of me so there is that.

The Characters:
I am very picky when it comes to main characters, but if a characters is relatable in some way then I will usually like them. Characters can make or break a book, and I am very picky when it comes to my main characters so it is only right that I base part of my reviews on them and my love (or hate) for them. If a character can make me feel something and if I can easily place myself in their shoes, then they will be in my good graces.
The Feels:
Yes, I use words like feels, especially in my reviews. I want a book to make me feel all kinds of things, and I always talk about how a book made me feel in my reviews. I love it when a book makes me laugh or cry, or if it makes me think, or even if it just gave me an escape from the world for a few hours. The ‘feels’ section is usually the longest in my reviews because I always have a lot to say about how a book made me feel, and it is also the section where I fangirl the most, if a situation calls for fangirling.  
My Rating Scale
            I rate books on a 5 star scale, and I always state my rating at the end of all of my reviews.
1 Star: I didn’t like it at all.
2 Stars: It needs a lot of work.
3 Stars: It had a mix of things I liked and things I didn’t, but overall good.
4 Stars: It was great and fun read.
5 Stars: It was amazing, and I loved everything about it. It is a favorite for sure.
            Like I mentioned in the section above, I will always be respectful to the author and the book no matter what my rating will be, and I will always give honest and true reviews.

            I always post my reviews on my blog, of course, but I tweet links to my post on my Twitter, @IveyAlanaWaters too. My reviews are also posted to my Google plus page. When I remember, I mention that a new review is up on my Instagram page (OriginalQueenofBooks) too.
            *If requested, I also post my reviews to Amazon and Goodreads. I usually don’t do this because I do not usually have time, but if it is requested that I do so then I will do it.     
            If I am interested, I am also happy to participate in blog tours and special book events too.