Getting Over Garrett Delany by Abby McDonald Review

Getting Over Garrett Delany is the kind of book you throw your emotions into. The storyline is one that you can relate to, and that makes it even more interesting. You have to love a book that involves one-sided feelings, and a girl who is determined to get over it.
   In Getting Over Garrett Delany, Sadie is in love with her best friend, Garrett, and she has finally decided to tell him, but her plan goes awry when he gets accepted into poetry camp. The bad thing is that she had planned to go with him and confess her love, but she was not accepted. Sadie takes a job at the local cafĂ© to try to keep her mind off Garrett, but when he calls to confess his love for another girl, she decides it was time to get over Garrett Delany. With the help of her new friends and the hot chef, Josh, Sadie embarks on a hard journey of getting over Garrett Delany, and she soon questions why she even loved him in the first place.
   I liked this book because I love a good story where the girl decided to move on from a love that will never happen, and lets the person she loved know that she has moved on. I was expecting more from this book, but I just kept getting annoyed with the main character, Sadie. The story was good, but the characters just got on my nerves. If you like a good best friend love story and a girl finally coming out of her shell then this book is one you might like. I had to give it three out of five stars though.

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