March 26, 2014

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White Review

    Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to have gods as parents? Now you can find out. Isadora is not your normal teen; her parents are Egyptian gods, Isis and Osiris. Isadora’s life is a good one until she realized that unlike her parents, she is not immortal, and her parents only had her so that they would have a worshiper. That is right; she has to pray to her parents, talk about messed up.  Isadora has had it. After years of carrying anger towards her parents, she finally decides that leaving Egypt will be for the best. Her mother reluctantly allows her to go to San Diego with her brother. Isadora begins to have fun for once in her life, and she realizes that she might be falling in love. However, dark dreams begin to invade Isadora’s mind and they seem to be getting worse. They are always the same, Isadora’s mother is taken by darkness and Isadora cannot do anything but watch. Isadora pushes the dreams away until she begins to feel like she is being watched even when no one is around. Something dark is coming for Isadora and her mother, will Isadora find out who is behind the darkness in time? 

    All I had to hear was Egyptian gods and I was fascinated. I was practically in love with this book before I even read it. There is something about making gods seem more human that captures my attention. This book did not disappoint me. From the beginning, this book evoked strong emotions from me and that is when I knew I would love this book. The main character, Isadora is headstrong, sensitive, and creative and I can relate to that. I could easily put myself in her shoes as if I was living her story. Ry, the hero of the book, is probably one of my favorite male characters. At first, he is shy and quiet, but as the story goes on, he begins to open up. By the end of the book, I was in love with him. Isadora and Ry’s interactions in the book just made the plot better.  The beginning of the book lacked a little action; however, that lack of action was made up for in the end. It was as if I was eased into the book and then thrown into the action. The plot had a way of keeping my attention. In every chapter, something had me wanting to read more. There was a plot twist a mile wide that I did not see coming and I loved it. I recommend this book to anyone who loves mythology or just anyone who wants to read a great book. I gave it five out of five stars!