The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen Review

    Emaline has gotten used to her father being nonexistent, dealing with the family business, and her boyfriend always being around. However, this summer throws some big changes her way and Emaline is not quite prepared. She is happy with her boyfriend of three years until Theo, an outsider from New York, shows up looking to rent a house at Emaline’s family’s beach realty business. Theo along with Emaline’s mostly absent father promise an exciting future that Emaline cannot help but be attracted to, but can she leave everything behind or will everything fall apart? Emaline begins to question her future, and soon she will have to choose which path to take because summer is about to end and something has to change. Will Emaline change with it? 

   Let me just say that synopses of books do not usually do a book justice, so when I read the synopsis of The Moon and More I wasn’t really blown away or terribly interested based on it. However, I have read all of Sarah Dessen’s books and I loved them, so I knew that this book was worth reading even if the synopsis was lacking. I knew within the first four chapters that I was going to love this book, the main character, Emaline, is someone you can relate to on so many levels. She has to deal with a complicated home life, being bossed around by her sister at work, and boyfriend issues. I found it extremely easy to place myself in Emaline’s shoes and that is something that I love about a book. The story line of The Moon and More is so real and emotional that I could not help but be engrossed by it. The conflict between her father and Emaline is only the beginning. More conflicts arise causing the story to get more interesting, and by then you are hooked. I loved Emaline’s story about trying new things, and finding her way in life. The Moon and More is a book I can relate to and fall in love with. The story did not quite end how I wanted it too, but endings rarely make me happy because it is the end to a journey I love. I gave it four out of five stars.

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