This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Earl Review

   We are finally able to read about the girl who The Fault in Our Stars was dedicated to, and let me tell you, this story is one that will stay with me forever. Esther Earl has always wanted to be a writer and her dreams finally came true. This Star Won’t Go Out will have its place among my favorite books.

   This Star Won’t Go Out or TSWGO holds Esther’s precious story between its covers and her story is one that will inspire you to want to make a difference. Esther was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at thirteen years old, and from then on, her life was drastically changed.  However, TSWGO is not just about Esther’s struggles with cancer, it is about her ability to keep a smile on her face, and keep doing what she loves, which is writing. Esther talks about her time spent with John Green and all of her internet friends, and just her thoughts she wrote down in her diary. The thing I love about TSWGO is that it is not just a story of how Esther died; it is a story about how she lived. Esther was the shining star in a time of grief, and even though she had times when she was sad, she still tried to smile through it. That is what I love about her, she had cancer yet she smiled through it the best she could. TSWGO is an inspiring book because Esther was such a happy person even through the darkest time of her life. She had faith in God, and that is what kept her going. Throughout this whole book I was either crying or on the verge thereof because this book is so touching. John Green wrote an introduction to TSWGO, and not even through the third paragraph is when I started crying. You can just feel how much John loves and misses her. Everything about this book is wonderful, inspiring, and sad, but Esther story is one that deserves to be told. 

   I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This book needs to be read because Esther’s story will change your life. I now wish that I was as strong as Esther was through her struggles, and she has touched my life with her beautiful story. I know one thing for sure; this star will never go out.

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