Time to Get to Know Me! (Book Question Tag)

1. Do you remember what book started your obsession with reading?
 - Twilight! I couldn't understand some of what Kristen Stewart said in the movie so I decided to read the book! 

2. What is your least favorite book?
-The Boy on the Bridge by Natalie Stanford

3. What is your favorite John Green Book?
-The Fault in Our Stars, of course. However next in line is Looking for Alaska.

4. What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
-I actually haven't read any Harry Potter books...whoops. 

5. What is your all time favorite book?
-TFiOS, Cruel Beauty, Throne of Glass, Blaze. I couldn't just pick one! 

6. Who is your favorite John Green character?
- Augustus Waters, Pudge, and the Colonel!

7. Why do you enjoy reading so much?
-I enjoy reading because I feel more at home in a fictional world. I can be whoever I want in a book whereas in the real world I can't be anyone other than myself.

8. If you could marry any male fictional character, who would it be?
-Hmm I would say Augustus Waters, but seeing as how he is no longer suffering from personhood, I would have to say Ignifex from Cruel Beauty.

9. What do you enjoy writing?
-I enjoy writing my own stories, young adult fiction like paranormal and fantasy stories.

10. What is your favorite genre?
-Young adult fantasy!

11. Who is your favorite author?
-John Green, Sara Larson, Sarah J. Maas, Rosamund Hodge, Laurie Crompton, Richelle Mead, Lauren Kate.

12. What is your favorite fandom?

13. Where is your favorite spot to read?
-In my bed! 

14. Ebook, buying or library?
-Anything but a library book.

15. How many books can you read at once?
-I can only read one book at a time. I feel like if I read more than that then I can't enjoy the world I'm reading about in the first book.

16. Do you like Ansel Elgort as Augustus?
- I love Ansel as Augustus. I've loved him from the beginning. 

17. Divergent or The Hunger Games?
- Divergent! 

18.What do you think about the ending of Eleanor and Park?
- I loved the ending. It left me guessing what those three words from Park were. The ending has stayed with me, and a good ending always stays with you! Although Rainbow did say there might be a sequel to E&P so we might find out!

19. What is the most painful fictional character death in your opinion?
-Augustus Waters, It was way too sudden and shocking.  Also,

20. What is the first book you remember reading?
-The Hungry Caterpillar. I was obsessed with that book as a kid!

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