April 1, 2014

Oh. My. Gods. (Book 1) by Terra Lynn Childs Review

   Phoebe Castro has it all. She has had an amazing year in cross-country and her dream of going to college with her best friends is close to becoming a reality. However, everything comes crashing down when Phoebe’s mom returns from her trip to Greece announcing that she is engaged and they are moving to Greece.  All of the sudden Phoebe is stuck on the island Aegean where she is forced to go to a super exclusive academy, and her new stepfather is the headmaster. To make matters worse, Phoebe is told that the Academy is exclusive because the only ones allowed to attend are descendants of Greek gods! Phoebe is the only exception, she is mortal and her classmates make sure she does not forget it. Now, Phoebe is having to dodge her evil stepsister, avoid moody boys who use their powers on her, and try to put her life back together. Phoebe is about to learn what happens when you play with the descendents of gods. 

    I love mythology to where it is now an obsession, and any book involving it is going to have my heart. This book is not any different. From the start, I was caught up in the emotions of the book. I could relate to Phoebe’s anger at her mother for going off and getting engaged, and once I start to relate to the characters emotions, I can easily place myself in her shoes. I love the idea of a school for all of the descendents of Greek gods, and there being only one mortal among them. It creates an interesting plot and keeps you turning the page until the very end. There are some plot twists in this book that I did not see coming and that just made the story that much better. The story flowed nicely and I honestly could not put the book down. That being said, I felt like there was a certain event that was a little rushed, and I would have liked the author to go into more detail about it for my sake. I cannot say what that event was because it is a big spoiler, but I still loved the story except for that little part. I am so excited that this is part of a series because I am honestly dying to read more into Phoebe’s life and the life of these descendents of Greek gods. I gave it four out of five stars.