The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons Review

    Everything you have heard about Medusa is wrong; she was brutally attacked by one god and unfairly cursed by another. For two thousand years, Medusa has lived in seclusion on an enchanted island by the Aegean Sea in fear of the god who brutally attacked her. Medusa is not the monster the myths have made her out to be, she is a far cry from it in fact. She spends her time alone on her island gardening, educating herself, and scaring away helpless humans who, much to her dismay, turn to stone if they catch her off guard. Medusa only wished to have the life back that was stolen from her so long ago. The day finally comes when Hermes, one of Medusa’s closest friends, finally steps up and petitions for the gods to reverse her curse. Medusa begins a journey of healing as she reclaims the life that was stolen from her, and along the way, she might even find love. However, the god that brutally attacked her wants her back, and he will stop at nothing to get her. Medusa is thrown into a battle of the gods, and she is right in the middle. 

    I had no idea how much I would love this book when I started it. I absolutely adore books about mythology and this book was beyond my expectations. The plot was so creative, mysterious, and intriguing that you are kept wanting more and hoping that the story never ends. Like most people, I never liked Medusa, Hades, or any of the gods that were perceived as evil, but this book changed my view of EVERY Greek god. After reading The Deep End of the Sea, I ended up hating the gods I used to love, and loving the gods I used to hate. I like so many aspects of this book, but the one aspect I love most is that it takes the myth of Medusa and completely changes it. Heather gives Medusa’s side of the story, and it is so creative and compelling that when you finish the book, you end up cheering for Medusa. Now, if that does not tell you how amazing this book is then, let me tell you about the characters. This book made me love Medusa, and the relationship between her and Hermes made me wish I had someone like him for myself. Medusa evolves so much in this story that you cannot help but admire and envy her. She overcomes her biggest struggle and in the end, she finally understands what it is like to be happy. Heather’s writing is so real that I could practically feel Medusa’s emotions, and that is how you can tell that this book is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves mythology, and a good love story. You will not regret reading this I assure you. The Deep End of the Sea has made it onto my favorites list on Goodreads for a reason. I gave it five out of five stars!

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