May 10, 2014

Psi Another Day by D. R. Rosensteel Review

    Rinnie is not your average teenager. Sure, she gets bullied and hates school, but normal teenagers aren’t part of a secret society known as the Psi Fighters. Rinnie has been training for years in the use of Mental Arts, and now she will put that training to the test. Someone is kidnapping little girls in their quiet town and Rinnie will put a stop to it to keep her little sister and other little girls safe. However, she soon finds out that it is not just a kidnapper they have to worry about, the Psi Fighters enemy, the Walpurgis Knights, have come back to claim what they once lost. Now Rinnie is more determined than ever to find out how to stop the Knights and the kidnapper because the Knights are the reason her parents are dead. Rinnie cannot trust anyone except her best friend, not even the hot new guy, and especially not Mason, the school bully. She is about to enter a dangerous game of cat and mouse, and even with her psychic powers, Rinnie might not see who is really behind it all until it is too late.

    I was blown away by how much I liked this book. The synopsis grabbed my attention, but as soon as I started reading, I knew I would love this book. I would say this book is like the teen version of the television shows Arrow and The Mentalist. Who would not love to read a book like that? The plot is so fascinating that you cannot help but be pulled into the story. The creativeness of the author astounds me because who would have thought that they could make psychic weapons. Psychic weapons like, Mental Blast, Memory Lash, Thought Saber, Heart Piercing Dagger, and so much more. The creativity of his writing absolutely captivated me. I also loved the humor in this book. It is difficult to make to laugh when reading a book, but Psi Another Day had me rolling. The witty banter and the snappy comebacks had my laughing until I cried. The characters just made me wish I was part of their world and a good book always makes you want to live the adventure alongside its characters. This book really has it all, engaging characters, humor, a ton of action, mystery, and even a little romance that give us hope for more in the next book! I cannot wait to continue the series, especially after that ending. I highly recommend this book to anyone look for an action packed book with a ton of humor, adventure, and mystery. You will not regret reading it, I assure you. I give it five out of five stars.