The Art of Lainey Review by Paula Stokes Review!!!


    Lainey Mitchell is ready to spend her summer break with her gorgeous boyfriend , Jason, until out of the blue, he dumps her in a crowded diner where she works, no less. Lainey is crushed, but she is no quitter. She is determined to win Jason back, and her best friend is sure they can use The Art of War to do just that. She persuades Micah, her co-worker, to pose as her new boyfriend to make Jason jealous, and after a few dates, it looks like it might be working. However, Now Lainey and Micah’s relationship is starting to feel not so fake. Lainey must decide what she wants before it is too late. Too bad The Art of War cannot help Lainey choose. 

    I do not know about you all but I crave books where the main character is plotting and scheming to get something and The Art of Lainey has just that. This book is fun filled, action packed, and fill of scheming and I adored it. Micah and Lainey's relationship is so complex and unpredictable that you want to keep reading just to figure out what they will do next. Also, Lainey’s story is so relate-able . You or someone you know have all been in a situation where a guy/girl breaks up with you and you want him/her back, but you have to scheme and plan to get his/her attention. One of the many things I love about this book is that fact that Lainey and Bianca are little masterminds and I can totally relate to that sneaky, scheming , and relentless attitude. I had so much fun reading this because of the sheer genius of using The Art of War to win back an ex is mind blowing. This book also makes you think about your own life, like how good change can be. The Art of Lainey teaches you that change is sometimes for the best. I do not know about you, but I love books that are fun and amazing that also leave you thinking about your own life. Best of all, the ending had me smiling nonstop. I was so happy after I finished it that I just sat on my bed smiling like an idiot for a while. You all NEED to read this book because it has quickly moved itself onto my favorite’s shelf. I give it five out of five stars.

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