Nine by Night book bundle review!

Nine by Night is an ebook bundle full of nine awesome stories! You can check out my cover reveal of it where all nine story synopses are, here: http://thehopelessreader.blogspot.com/2014/07/cover-reveal-nine-by-night.html 
Nine by Night will keep you on your toes. With nine books all in one, I expected nothing less. There was never a dull moment in any of these books. You should expect to be surprised and shocked as you read through these stories. The dialogue was so witty and I had a ton of fun reading the interactions between the characters. I love reading bind up novels because there is such a diverse collection of books in one. I was never bored with this book bundle. Nine by Night is filled with story lines that keep you coming back for more. I give it four out of five stars!

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