My Quirky Taste In Books!

    Everyone has their different taste in books. It can be anything from a type of genre that they like, to the style of writing they prefer. Whatever it may be, everyone has a preference. I don’t know about you, but I have certain things that I look for in books as far as the plot goes. I look for six things to be specific. Now, not all of the books I read have to have all six plot lines (although if it did it would probably be my all-time favorite book of life), but most of the books I read have at least one of these things in the plot. You are probably wondering what those six things are, aren’t you? Well, I am here to tell you all about my weird and quirky taste in books.

1. When a book features a plus size heroine.
    It is so hard to find these kinds of books in the Young Adult genre, which is really sad, but that is why I love so many Adult Romance novels because they feature plus sized heroines a lot more. Props to them. I love it because I can relate to these heroines, which is key for me when reading. Usually these plus sized heroines are either feisty and a no nonsense kind of person or shy and self-conscious. I can relate to both types equally.
2. Kick butt heroines who are secretly vulnerable.
    When I am reading a fantasy or paranormal book I melt when the heroine is kicking butt and being fiery, and all of the sudden a guy comes along and breaks down her hard exterior. Then for once, she doesn’t have to be tough 24/7. She can be vulnerable around the guy she loves and she doesn’t have to feel weak because of it. I’m such a sucker for that.
3. When a heroine gets rejected by a guy, but he ends up falling for her later in the book.
    This is one of my favorite plot lines in a book. All girls want to be wanted, and it makes us feel powerful when a guy who didn’t like us before finally notices us. This gives us the power to rub it in their face. I know, I am mean, but I love the drama of a girl being chased by a guy who actively rejected her before, and she shows him what he is missing. It is always fun to watch our heroes squirm, don’t you think?
4. Revenge
    Oh boy, do I love a good revenge filled book. Don’t judge me. You may call me blood thirsty, but I love it when a heroine gets revenge on those who wronged her. Who wouldn’t?!
5. When a heroine has been injured or almost killed
    Now, I know y’all are reading this thinking I am totally insane, but hear me out. You have all read a story where a heroine is always the strong one and saving the day and she is always risking herself. Then along comes the hero always worrying for her when no one else did, and he loves her but never confesses it. However, one time she risks herself to save others and she is critically injured, and then suddenly the hero realized that he could lose her. Now, instead of the heroine saving the day, someone is taking care of her for a change. I love it when in these situations the hero never leaves her side and she has everyone she didn’t think cared, worrying for her. I just cannot get enough of this type of plot line. This happens a lot in Adult Paranormal books and that is why I love them so much.
6. Lastly, best friends falling in love with each other.
    I lose my mind over these stories. My heart does funny things when a girl starts to realize that she loves her best friend and then she begins to try and win him over in odd ways. The heroine begins to date other guys to see how her guy friend would react. That is when he starts to get jealous. However, when she gets her feelings hurt, which usually happens, her guy best friend confesses his feelings for her. *flails uncontrollably* my heart always jumps for joy when I read these books. I cannot get enough of them.
     Those are my quirky tastes in books!  Do I seem crazier to you or can you relate? I always thought I was weird because I have such specific tastes in books. Have you read books with plots like these? Do you have quirky tastes of your own? Comment below or tweet me and tell me. I would love to know!


  1. I can relate to almost all of these! Especially when best friends end up falling in love with each other. The feels are real.

  2. I totally agree with you on all of them! Having main characters that don't have the body that society deems "perfect" makes the book more relatable and realistic. Heroines who are secretly vulnerable is my favorite one. It shows that it's still possible to be kickass and have those things that disarm you.
    We have a lot of the same taste when it comes to books ^.^