Sweet Girl (Titan #1.5) by Cristin Harber Review!



Nicola Hart grew up under the heels of her older brother and his best friend, Cash Garrison. Years of ignoring the spark between her and Cash didn't keep their attraction from turning into a slow burn. Just shy of her twentieth birthday, Nicola needs to know: he wants her or he doesn't.


She's his best friend's little sister. The definition of hands off. Cash has tried to ignore her for years. Instead, he's looked at every pretty little thing who's crossed his path, all to ignore the girl he seems destined to want. But when half the school is interested in Nicola, it's time to stake a claim and hold the hand of the one he really loves.
Sweet Girl is the novel length prequel to best-selling Garrison's Creed. Before Cash and Nicola can fall in love forever, they have to suffer through their first love.

This story captured my emotions and heart and never let go.  Sweet Girl is a book that every girl loves. A girl plus her older brother's best friend equals a romance to die for. I don't know about you, but those stories have me wrapped around their finger before they even start. And this one is no different. The story starts off normal and fun, and then you start to notice something shady. Then it begins to feel like it's not your normal contemporary romance....and boy was I shocked. I had no idea what was coming. That ending threw me through a loop and left me questioning my own sanity. This story went from zero to sixty in no time flat. Not only is this story shocking and filled with fun, but it is also filled with a lot of emotion and romance. I feel in love with Cash Garrison and my heart broke for him and Nicola in the end. I cried. Yup, it was 2 AM and I was bawling. Cash is someone I want in my life. He is so sweet, caring, and protective; when he calls Nicola "sweet girl" I swear my heart melted. I didn't realize that this was a prequel at the time but I had a feeling the story wouldn't end here. I won't spoil the ending but I never saw it coming. And that's what hurts the most. The suddenness of the ending and the emotions it incited... I couldn't handle it. I was cursing the author and my heart for making me feel so much pain (don’t worry I didn’t really curse). I was also cursing my bank account for not having enough in it to get the next book right away .I loved everything about this book. My emotions were tied to it, and my interest was captured right from the start. This book is one to tie you up in knots and keep you guessing as to when the other shoe will drop. This book may have made me cry, but in the words of John Green: “It’s gonna hurt because it matters”. I have a new favorite book to add to my collection. I give Sweet Girl five out of five stars!


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