Helia’s Shadow Part One (The Starlight Age Series #1) by K.C. Neal Review!

Nineteen years ago, aliens arrived on a dying Earth with advanced technology and the promise of ensuring human survival in exchange for a place to settle. They were hailed as the saviors of humans and Earth.
Today, 16-year-old Helia wants two things in life: to step out of her over-protective mother’s shadow and become an engineer, and to stop hiding her romance with alien boy Kalo. But the world definitely isn’t ready for a human-alien romance. And worse, the human-alien partnership is crumbling. Humans are being arrested without explanation. Some of them are never seen again.
When the alien leader imprisons her mother on a false charge, Helia discovers the aliens never intended to help humans at all. Now, she must join forces with alien rebels and convince the young rebel leader that humans aren't expendable. If she succeeds, humans have a chance at survival and she has a chance at love. If she fails, the dwindling human race dies out in slavery.

Helia's Shadow Part One is an amazing story filled with adventure and intrigue, and I loved it. We are taken on a journey of a battle against the aliens to try to save Helia's family and her city. It's really gripping. The beginning was very intriguing and very descriptive, which makes the book’s world open up around you.  I have found it hard to understand some science fiction books because they are so foreign to me, but Helia's Shadow isn't hard to understand at all. Everything is laid out to where you can easily understand the world she is in. I had some trouble understanding the technological talk in the book, but there wasn't enough in there to where it hindered my understanding of the situation.
 I am so glad I took a chance on this ARC of Helia's Shadow because I really loved it. It's my second time reading a science fiction book, and I have to tell you, this book makes me want to read more of this genre. It took time for me to get acclimated to the world of this book, but when I did, it was easy to put myself in Helia's shoes. I love how fierce yet vulnerable she is and how strong her character becomes. It made the story that much better because I could relate so well to her. And by the end, I felt like I was her. Helia's Shadow really captures your heart and emotions. I was surprised at how emotional this story made me. I really connected with the characters, and that made everything seem so real, especially the emotions surrounding Heila and Kalo. The hint of romance between them kept me hungry for more too. The ending had me begging for more! I REALLY need the sequel. This is a great novel to lose yourself in because it is so complex, but easy to understand. It's so full of action and emotions that you cannot help but be captivated. I highly recommend Helia’s Shadow Part One to anyone who liked Divergent or The Hunger Games. Helia reminds me of strong heroines like Tris (Divergent) and Katniss (The Hunger Games), but she is her own amazing character. I give it four out of five stars!

Helia's Shadow Part One comes out on November 23!

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