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Top 5 Reasons Why Reid Wentworth is the Ultimate Hero


Hi! I'm Tonya Kuper, author of Anomaly, book one in the Schrodinger's Consortium young adult scifi series. Anomaly is written in dual first-person POV, so we get the story from Josie Harper, the heroine, and Reid Wentworth, the swoony hero. Reid and Josie are Oculi - they can bend reality. Reid grew up in the largest Resistance Hub in North America, taking on the position of trainer. He had more of a militaristic upbringing and is therefore trained to handle situations with care and precision, though he can't help be his natural smart-ass self.

Below are the 5 reasons why Reid is the ultimate hero.

1. Reid is protective of Josie.
When first meeting Josie, Santos, Reid's sidekick, verbally makes a note about how hot Josie is. Reid immediately thinks about how he won't let Santos touch her, let alone sleep with her. Hell, he won't let anyone touch her. (There is a good reason he's protective - it's not in a crazy stalker way.) Without giving any spoilers, Reid has been watching out for Josie for longer than she originally thought.

2. There isn't thing more attractive than self sacrifice.
Reid puts Josie before himself. Always. He breaks protocol for Josie, which he knows will result in a severe punishment, and he uses his limited supply of energy to train Josie and make sure she's safe.

3. Reid is one tough dude.
Not only can he kick major ass in a physical sense, he can Push and Retract reality at lightning speed. He's not afraid to get hurt.

4. He's playful and funny.
One example: When Josie walks out in her "Set Phasers to Stun" Star Trek tee, Reid says, “Well, you certainly stun. You’re the only person who can make nerdy look so sexy.”

5. Reid. Is. Hot. Dark hair, blue eyes, a little scruff, and rides a motorcycle.
This is how we first meet Reid: “Another bike rolled up between the red one and the curb. A black crotch rocket. Black helmet and black tee on a whole lotta muscle.”

So there you have it - 5 reasons (out of a million) why Reid Wentworth is the Ultimate Hero. If his underwear model good-looks don't win you over then how much he cares about Josie will. Swoon!

xo Tonya

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