Dive in to the Adult Paranormal World.

   I have read over 1,000+ books.

   Have I got your attention? Good.

   That being said, the majority of the books I have read have been of the adult paranormal genre. I consider myself an expert (HA!) on it. That is why I am making this post like an introduction to adult paranormal books. I feel like this genre is so overlooked and the authors in that genre are as well. Hopefully, I can inspire you to pick up an adult paranormal book or at least give you a place to start looking!

   Something about the whole genre just captivates me and I never get tired of it. One thing that I love so much about it is the fact that there can be all types of subgenres within the larger one. The most common ones I have seen are: realistic adult paranormal or urban fantasy, where the characters are set in a world like ours, new world adult paranormal, where the characters are set in a made up world that resembles ours slightly, and the most obvious, the supernatural genre that can hold anything from vampire and werewolves to fairies and witches, and maybe a god or two.

   Now, you may be wondering what I love so much about the genre when I can find those kind of characteristics in YA . Well for one thing, the adult genre has more freedom to write whereas in YA there are certain things you cannot explore in detail. One of those things is sexy times. Those sexy times call for an added complication to the story and often times make the story better.

   However, that is not all I love about the genre. I also love the constant presence of alpha males. Some readers find them to be too over the top or too over bearing but most of the time I love it. There is just something about a possessive and protective alpha male that just melts me and this genre is full of them.

   The aspect that most appeals to me is the fact that the heroines in this book are so badass. They kick butt and take names often times with a crazy smile on their face. They aren’t ones to be pushed around or told to wait in the car when trouble is around and that mixed in with alpha males makes for a very spark filled book. Imagine Katniss, Tris, Caleana, and all other fierce heroines in YA and you have an adult paranormal heroine. It is glorious.

   The things I listed above are just some major aspects I love in the adult paranormal genre, but there is so much more that I love and I would be here all day discussing it. Anyway, I wanted to list a few authors who I believe to be the queens of this genre. I have read many of their books, obsessed over them, and read them over again. They never get old. Some of these series I have reread over three times. That is how good they are. Here are my queens of adult paranormal fiction/ urban fantasy:

Cecy Robson     Terry Spear      Celia Kyle       Richelle Mead       Christine Warren       Gena Showalter

Rachel Vincent  Thea Harrison

   There you have it! Those are the authors that I consider queens of their genre. Even if you don’t think you will like this genre I highly recommend you pick up at least one of their books and read it. I don’t think you will regret it because I was hooked when I first encountered this genre. Talk to me on Twitter if you do happen to pick up one of these books! I love hearing that my blog posts have encouraged you somehow!

Happy reading!

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