Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae Review!

Seventeen is a life changing age for Emma Wise.
As her family's sole survivor in a car crash, she is left with a broken arm and a few scrapes and bruises. But these are only outward marks; inside, her heart is broken and the pieces scattered.
Whisked away to Alaska, to an aunt she’s never met, Emma starts over. Secrets unveil themselves and now…she doesn't even know who or what she is.
A centuries old prophecy places Emma in the heart of danger. Creatures of horrifying and evil proportions are after her, and it will take Emma, her aunt, and six, gorgeously captivating Guardians to keep her safe. But, if she can survive until her eighteenth birthday... things will change.
I have to say, right off the bat my emotions were hooked into the story of Hidden Wings. This is one book that I went into not knowing exactly what it was about, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun guessing what was going to happen next. Just know that the plot is one that will automatically have your emotions and heart captivated.
One thing that I was sure of in the beginning was that Emma, the main character, was someone I would like. She was so sweet and caring even when she was going through a terrible time. Emma was stubborn, caring, smart, brave, and determined. She is a character that you love from the start. She had just been thrown into this world that she was not aware of before and the mystery of what that was began to become clearer as the story progressed, but having to wait for answers killed me. I knew something was going on because everything seemed odd about Emma's surroundings when she was with Kade, the hero of the story, like strange men in suits and it made me hungry for more information! Once I knew that something was different with Kade and Emma’s new surroundings things started to get real interesting really fast. Not to mention that Kade was just so swoon worthy and he spiked my interested from the start. Kade is also a character you will love from the first meeting. He was protective, sexy, funny, and he was a fighter. He is a character you will definitely add to your book boyfriend list. The things he said and the way he acted just makes me squeal like a little girl. Don’t judge me.
The plot of this series is pretty amazing. Hidden Wings being the first book in the series sets the ground work for the rest of the series, and based on this story, there is a war coming in the next books. We are given a few answers to our questions about Emma, but in the next book I believe everything else will become clearer. Needless to say, I love the plot. Hidden Wings starts out with a slow building action and once the action starts it doesn't stop coming. Everything really picks up in the end and every scene made my heart pound. Plot twists dominate the ending and I cannot wait for the next book in the series. I can see it becoming a new favorite for sure!
There isn't anything about Hidden Wings that I would change or didn't like. It was captivating, entertaining, action filled, with a little romance on the side. It's a perfect blend of action, humor, and a great plot. I can't wait to see what happens next. I give it five out of five stars.

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