Wildfire by Karsten Knight Review!

Author: Karsten Knight
Genre: YA Paranormal/Mythology
Date Published: August 28th 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Page Number: 393
Every flame begins with a spark.
Blackwood Academy was supposed to be a fresh start for Ashline Wilde. A secluded boarding school deep in the heart of California's redwood forests, three thousand miles from her old life - it sounded like the new beginning she needed after an act of unspeakable violence left a girl in her hometown dead.

But Blackwood is far from the peaceful haven Ashline was searching for. Because terrifying, supernatural beasts roam the forests around campus. Because the murderer from Ashline's hometown - her own sister - has followed her across the country. Because a group of reincarnated gods and goddesses has been mysteriously summoned to Blackwood...
...and Ashline's one of them.

       When I spotted Wildefire’s cover on the shelf, I was instantly intrigued. The cover is simple yet captivating and beautiful, but once I read the synopsis I knew I would like this book. However, I did not know I would love it as much as I did.
       Ashline Wilde is the kind of heroine that I go nuts over. She is sassy, sharp-tongued, and quick witted, and that combination is what I go crazy for. One reason I love adult books so much is because they feature sassy heroines who don’t hold back, and I was so happy to find that kind of heroine in this YA book. Basically, by the first scene of Wildefire, I knew I would love Ash.  Ash is introduced to us readers in a blaze of fists and fury aka the best way a heroine can be introduced. Trust me, Ash is a character that you will all love. It’s just an added bonus that she is a diverse character. And how can I forget to mention that she is a freaking goddess?! I won’t reveal what goddess she is because that is part of the mystery of the book, but just know that she is badass and a force to be reckoned with. The rest of the characters are just as cool, even though Ash is my favorite. It is a plus that all of the characters in this book are highly diverse. All of the characters are from different ethnic backgrounds like Haitian, Polynesian, Greek, Japanese, and Egyptian. It’s so cool.

       Speaking of diversity, we also get diversity in the plot. As you can tell from the synopsis, this book is about gods and goddesses, but what you can’t tell from the synopsis is that all the gods and goddesses featured in the book are from different native myths. I am so used to mythology books to be based on Greek mythology because it is widely known, but in Wildefire all different myths from Egyptian to Polynesian, to Greek and Japanese myths are represented, which is rare. I loved learning about more myths that are out there outside of Greek and Norse myths.
       In addition to the characters and diversity of the plot, the actual plot line was SO good. This book was extremely easy to fall into and read because of the interesting and steadily paced plot. As I mentioned before, we are immediately thrown into action as soon as the book starts, and after that there was never a dull moment. I love books like this where there aren’t boring/filler scenes, and with Wildefire every scene keeps your attention and interest. There was a steady stream of mystery and action throughout the whole book, and at the very end, Knight throws in a twist that left me screamed and begging for at least another chapter. I never saw that twist coming, and I swear that my heart stopped. I hate it when books leave me with a terrible cliffhanger, but I love it when they surprise me. There was no indication of that twist coming at all so I was shocked as hell when it happened. I just have to talk to someone about it because it broke my heart and immediately made me want to go out and buy the next book. I have to hand it to Knight for thinking of that plot twist and executing it so beautifully. Way to hurt a reader’s heart!

       It is safe to say that this book started off my 2016 with high expectations for my future reads. I am so glad I picked up this book on a whim because it quickly became one of my favorites. If you love mythology, sassy heroines, plot twists, and action packed plots then Wildefire is the book for you. I give this book five out of five stars!

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