Inseverable (Carolina Beach, #1) by Cecy Robson Review!

Author: Cecy Robson
Genre: New Adult Romance
Date Published: June 21st 2016
Page Number: 238
     How can you imagine forever with someone who's leaving everything behind?

     Callahan, a former army sniper, wants to make an escape from his past and everything he experienced at war, but most of all, just not feel. Feeling leads to pain and he’s suffered enough. When he inherits a house on South Carolina’s Kiawah Island, he packs his bags, lured by the peace and seclusion he thinks it will bring. But, Callahan never counted on meeting anyone like Trinity . . .

     Trinity has always been the cute, and funny one, who most guys overlook in pursuit of her "hot" friends. She became used to being everyone’s pal, until the day the young man she was attracted to, was drawn to her in return. He became her first great love, and first crushing heartbreak when she found him in bed with one of her closest friends.

     To move forward, and to carry out her commitment to helping those in need, Trinity enlists in the Peace Corps, but not before returning to Kiawah for one last memorable summer. She just never imagined it would be so unforgettable.

     Callahan doesn’t want to get close to anyone—let alone Trinity. He finds her perkiness insufferable and her attempts to entice a smile distracting. After all, he’s in Kiawah to leave all feelings behind. But when it comes to Trinity, who feels everything, it's hard not to feel something.

     Neither expected to fall in love. And no one could have predicted how inseverable they’d become.
     This book devoured me. That's right, the BOOK devoured ME. Not the other way around. This book captured my attention, my emotions, and then my heart and jumbled them up into a mess of feelings. This book was AMAZING. Cecy Robson is one of my all-time favorite authors and she can write no wrong (see what I did there?). This woman writes GOLD, people. GOLD. Anyway, once I saw that she was coming out with another book I had to have it. I read the synopsis, and I was hooked.

     Trinity embodies all that I love in a heroine. She is hilarious, goofy, carefree, and loving, but she is also a force to be reckoned with when she is crossed. I instantly had a connection to her because her character is so likable. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she makes it her mission to make people smile. She is the type of character that you instantly love; it’s hard not to. And when she is with Callahan, she lights up. She puts everything she has into her relationship with him, and I loved it.

     Speaking of Callahan, his character was so complex and different that he instantly had me intrigued. It didn't hurt that he was extremely good looking. Don't judge. Anyway, Callahan struggles with his action in Iraq and it shows in the book how grief stricken he is. He has suffered a LOT, and he has closed himself off to everyone in fear of getting hurt in some way or hurting others. Trinity sees that and is determined to make him smile. She breaks through his hard exterior and Callahan finally allows himself to feel again. I love it when the heroine seems to save the hero and vice versa. Callahan's character is complex, which made it so easy to get interested in him. He definitely makes it onto my list of favorite book heroes.

     Then we have the plot that just wreaked havoc on my heart. I thought that the plot was going to be easygoing until the very end then things would go crazy. Oh, was I wrong. This book was interesting from start to finish and there was nothing easy going about Trinity and Callahan's story. As Trinity and Callahan work through the new territory of their relationship, there are plenty of sad and tense moments. Their journey was far from easy and it hurt to read about them going through those tough situations. They had me on the verge of tears quite a few times, and my heart broke for them at one point. The plot definitely stirred up a LOT of feelings because Cecy definitely knows how to make a reader's heart hurt. But that ending killed me with feels. I swear endings like that are the reason I read. Needless to say, this plot is full of funny moments, emotional scenes, and good and bad encounters that will get your blood flowing.

     I stayed up until 6 AM reading and finishing this book. Now, you know I need my beauty sleep, so the fact that I stayed up to read this amazing book should tell you something. I loved everything about this book from the characters, to the hilarious interactions, to the emotional scenes that had me on the verge of tears. This contemporary adult fiction novel has anything and everything you could possible want in it. Cecy has a true gift when it comes to writing. It’s no surprise that I give Inseverable 5 out of 5 stars.

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