5 Tips for Bookish Decor!

 Have you caught the decorating bug? I know I have. Ever since I moved a few months ago, I have been obsessed with creating my perfect space. My color palate changed drastically from my last one so I had to start over. I have been obsessed with cool tones, greys, muted pastels, and the occasional wood texture to complement my room. They fit my aesthetic perfectly. But there is one thing I know I did not and could not get rid of, MY BOOKISH DÉCOR.
     I cannot live in a room that shows no sign of my love for books; however, I ran into a big problem when looking for décor…most of it didn’t match my color palate! So, I took to the internet and went hunting for décor that would complement my room and my love for books. If you have trouble finding décor that matches or need ideas on how to spice up your room then check out my list of ideas and places to shop below!

1. Throw Pillows Galore.
Evie Seo

     I love throw pillows, and Society6 is the place I go to get them. Society6 is a platform where artists can sell their art on many different surfaces: canvas print, mugs, blankets, bags, and my personal favorite, THROW PILLOWS. A girl can never have too many throw pillows, especially bookish pillows. They are a great way to add a little something to your room and they come in all different styles. Some of my favorite pillows come from artists Evie Seo and PaperFury , but there are thousands more if their style isn’t for you. Below are a few of my favorite pillows from them and you can find a link to them below the picture as well.
2. Art Prints Are Always Good, But Not Too Many!

     I love hanging art on my wall because it’s an easy way to make a room your own, but be careful not to overdo it! Putting too much on your wall can make your room look smaller, and my solution to this is to make a small art collage on one wall with very minimalistic designs. My choice of collage is book inspired (obviously), so I like to go out and find minimalist art incorporating books. Society6 is a great place for canvas art, but Redbubble is also a site for all my fangirls and boys out there.

     I would suggest keeping the colors greyscale with very little color to make the collage look cohesive, but that is just my preference. Make the collage a square, circle, or another shape that you like. To get an idea of what I mean, here is my wall collage:

     It has everything from books, dragons, badass quotes, and two of my favorite comic book prints. I love it. I also suggest incorporating images as well as quotes to break things up.

3. Bookish Candles for The Win!

     If you already feel like your wall décor is on point, then add a bookish candle to top off the awesomeness! I love candles that are inspired by some of my favorite books because it brings the book to life for me. I always go to Etsy for things like these!  There are tons of great candle makers out there, all you have to do is search “book candles” and you are set. If you want to see if there is a candle maker out there who tackled your favorite book universe (like Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas in my case) then search that too. Your room will smell like your favorite book and that’s all anyone ever wanted, right?

4. Create A Featured Book Shelf!

     Since my room isn’t big enough to hold all three of my bookshelves, I had to get creative. I thought creating a small floating bookshelf or two displaying my favorite book or series accompanied by art or quotes from that book would be a nice touch to my room. I haven’t found the time to put one up but just imagine it. You pick out your favorite books, find some cute bookends that complement the book or your aesthetic, find little things like a mug, picture, or art piece that reminds you of that book (or even better, is inspired by it), and you have a cute themed shelf dedicated to your love of reading.

5. No Luck? No Worries, Find an Alternative!

     One problem I come across a lot is the lack of specific art or décor inspired by a favorite book of mine. I don’t always want a picture or quote from a book because one, I already have enough pictures, and two, I want something unique. So, I started looking for décor/art/statues that reminded me of a book I love. For example, it is no secret that I love dragons and one of my favorite series is Going Down in Flames by Chris Cannon. Naturally, I went hunting for anything dragon related and found the art print that you can see in my picture collage above. However, your art doesn’t have to be so obvious, it can be abstract. If you love a book about a motorcycle club, like Nowhere but Here by Katie McGarry, then note the symbol described on the riders’ leather cuts and find a print similar to it. If you love a book about pirates then find a small plaque of a pirate’s flag to put on a shelf. I have learned that when it comes to bookish décor, it doesn’t have to be obvious because the art is for you. If you see something that reminds you of a book, pick it up! There are no rule when it comes to bookish décor.

     I hope my list gave you some ideas or at least got you started in the right direction. However, if it did not and you really want to make your space a Pinterest dream, check out Havenly.com ! Havenly is an online interior designer platform that employs professional interior designers to help you find the perfect style unique to you. You can take a style quiz, find out exactly what your style is, and choose which room you want to revamp. They have tons of designers, with expertise in all styles so the options are endless! Check them out if you want to know more.

Let me know how you decorate your space! What is your favorite part of your bookish décor? What tips do you have? Leave your answers down below.

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