10 Ways to Annoy A Book Lover

1. Marking in a book.
-underlining, highlighting, or marking the top or bottom of the book in marker. The later only really applies at bookstores, but these are the first ways to annoy a book lover. I think I can speak for every book lover out there when I say we HATE having our books marked in. Marking in a book is horrifying to us.

2. Damaging a book.
-cutting the pages, cutting up the book to make "art", dog-earing the pages, folding pages in half, the cover being ripped, or the cover being warped. Every time I see a picture of one of these things I cringe. Books are meant to be preserved and when I see that they are cut up or ripped I could faint. To a book lover, books are our life so when we see one damaged in any way it's like we can feel the damage. Book stores are really bad about putting out books with dust jackets damages or ripped and the pages mashed up, and they don't know how much it hurts to see a damaged book, especially a book we love that is damaged.

3. Asking to borrow our books.
-yes, I know that books are meant to be shared but no one said that I had to share mine! Imagine this, I ask you for your favorite dress, and when I bring it back to you, the dress is dirty and ripped. Now, you would be very angry, yeah? That's how book lovers feel about books. Those book are our babies and we don't want them out of out site. I once lent my favorite book out to a fairly good friend of mine and a week later I got it back with water stains on it. WATER STAINS. She said that she accidentally split water on it. I demanded she buy me a new book, but still I almost cried when I saw the damage. That is why I never lend my books to anyone because I don't want them to get damaged. So don't even ask a book lover to borrow one of their books.

4. Talking bad about books.
-This is an easy way to get killed by a book lover. Let me tell you a story, once upon a time there was this book lover, and this book lover had a friend. This friend didn't know how protective of books her book lover friend was so she didn't censor her words when she said the books her book lover friend reads were weird. This book lover lit into her friend, and ever since then her friend has been scared to talk bad about books. True story. Let this be a lesson to all who want to be brave and offend a book, don't. Because you will likely leave with scars.

5. Claiming a character as yours.
-Now this is a problem in fandoms. I have claimed a lot of fictional characters as mine and so have a lot of other girls. This can result in a big fight. Let me tell you when fangirls fight, there will be blood. But that doesn't annoy me as much as brand new book lovers claiming a fictional boy as theirs. I have to step in and say,"Look, honey. I was here first so you are just going to have to back off before I get angry." My friends and I have a way to solve this problems. If I read a book first then I get dibs on the fictional character of my choice, and if they read it first then they get to claim him. I like this solution because I read fast and they can't catch up. Power to the speed readers!

6. Having to choose between a hardback book when there is a paperback that is cheaper, but your series is all hardbacks.
-I swear to God, I have more mixed series books than anyone alive. I'm the kind of book lover that loves to get books as cheap as I can so if I had a choice between hardback books and paperback then I will always choose a paperback, unless by some miracles the hardback is cheaper. That being said, when this happens I temporarily forget that the rest of the series that I own is in hardback and in paperback in a series of hardbacks just looks wrong. So I suggest that bookstores make hardback books as cheap as paperback books so they don't have a ton of annoyed/broke fangirls having to choose paperback books when we can't afford hardback books!

7. Ink stains on a book.
-FREAKING INK STAINS. I have gotten so many books where ink has gotten in the pages and left little black dots thought the book, and it annoys the heck out of me because it looks terrible! One book I read even had an ink stain so large that it covered up words and I couldn't make them out! Do you know how infuriating that is? And I always seem to get the books with the ink stains in them. It's like the world is punishing me for something.


-There is a reason that it is in all caps. I can't tell you how many times a publishing house has decided to change the cover of a series I love right in the middle! As a book lover I want all my covers to match and be pretty, but apparently the publishers have other ideas. I swear it is like the publishers don't even care that we NEED our books covers to match. It's not even a want, it's a need. AND when these cover designs take place they don't redesign the book/books from the beginning of the series! Now THAT is a way to piss me off. It's like if you are going to change the covers DO IT FOR THE WHOLE SERIES.

9. Changing the height of books.
-This is just as bad as changing the covers mid-series. I must have my books matching in every aspect, and when that doesn't happen I go a little crazy. Books are meant to be put on bookshelves and admired, BUT WHEN THE HEIGHT CHANGES MID-SERIES THEY CANT BE ADMIRED, JUST STARED AT IN CONFUSION.

10. Talking when we are reading.
-This is a big no-no. When I am reading, I am in the zone. I am in that world and I am so into that story that I don't want to know what is happening in the real worlds. So when someone interrupts me, it's like someone pouring cold water on me. I am shocked back to the real world when I don't want to me. When I am reading, there is this invisible shield around me that should prevent you from talking to me, but some brave soul always comes along and ignores it. If I have a book in my hand, don't talk to me. When I am ready to leave that fictional world I will talk to you, but not a moment before.

Those are just ten ways to annoy a book lover, there are more I assure you, but these are the ones that irk me the most. Are these at the top of your list?

Enjoy your books, my friends XOXO

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