Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey Review

Dragonswood is a book about a girl named Tess who lives in a time where witches are burned at the stake and dragons are feared. Tess feels a pull towards the Dragonswood outside of her village, but anyone who enters is considered a witch who goes into the Dragonswood to dance with the Devil. Tess must hide her longing to go into the woods, but she also must hide her gift, the gift of fire-sight.
  I was hooked on this book from the beginning. The first pages tells of a vision Tess had about a woman holding a child, while a young girl runs towards her as a dragon appears to be giving chase. Right then I knew I wouldnt put the book down until I finished it. This book is full of myths, dragons, and faries, and humans who plan to destroy them all. 
  Those of you who love adventure and a touch of a love story will love this book. I was guessing the outcome of the book from the beginning, but I never could figure it out. I finished the book wanting more, and that is when you know a book is good. Ultimately, I gave Dragonswood four out of five stars.

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