The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Review

  John Green really knows how to write a novel that makes you think about what life means. When you read a John Green book, you always come away from it feeling enlightened, and The Fault in Our Stars is no different. The Fault in Our Stars or TFiOS is about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who has cancer. She attends a support group for people with cancer where she meets Augustus Waters, who had bone cancer, but is in remission. From there, John creates an enchanting tale of true love, heartbreak, and leaving a mark on this world.
    The Fault in Our Stars contains a girl and boy who have cancer but the book in itself is not about cancer. TFiOS is about experiencing new things, learning to love no matter what, and finding out that you do not have to leave a mark on this world to be remembered.
     Hazel Grace is sometimes viewed as a cynical character, but she is just a realist. She is not cynical; she just knows that bad things happen in this world. Augustus’ character on the other hand is always the one to smile in the face of tragedy, he is just so happy and carefree that you cannot help but love him. John writes these characters to be so relatable  that anyone would fall in love with this story because I know I did. This book will make you laugh, sigh in contentment, and ultimately cry. It is all worth it though. I recommend this book to anyone, honestly. This book has everything. A five out of five stars for sure.

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