Reasons Why I Can't Go On A Book Ban.

   You may or may not have heard of a book ban. A book ban is when an avid reader forces themselves to stop buying books for a few months ,or however long they feel like. These book bans usually come to be when money needs to be saved, there are too many 'to be read' books, or the reader just wants to slow down their reading flow. Knowing all of this, I figured I should list reasons why I CAN'T go on a book ban.

1. My book collection needs to grow.
I don't know about you, but I need my small book library to grow. When I get money I have the chance to buy books and continue that growth, but on a book ban I couldn't do that!

2. I read fast so the need for new books comes quickly.
I read a book usually in two or three days if it is large (400+), but if it is small (400-) then I can usually finish it in a day. That being said I usually get three of four books a week and I'll have them read in no time. So if I decided to go on a book ban, I would read the books I have left quickly and then I wouldn't be able to get any more for a while.

3. I need new books as often as I can get them.
New books are essential to any book lover. New books are my weakness.

4. There are only so many times I can reread the books I own.
There are only a few books in my own little library that I would want to reread, and they would only last me for three weeks at the most. I have to be in the mood to reread books, and if I'm not in the mood to reread one of those books then I am screwed because of the book ban!

5. I cannot read library books. I just can't.
I have an aversion to library books. I hate the smell of them, the librarians are always mean to me, and I prefer to own the books I read. If I were to go on a book ban then that would be the only way to read new books and I just can't do it.

6. I have too many books I want to read.
My 'to be read' list is extremely long, and I refuse to stop myself from reading those books.

7. I don't have that kind of self control.
You might have already been able to tell, but I have no self control when it comes to books. Books are my escape from the world, and banning myself from them seems cruel!

8. Books are meant to be read, who am I to forbid myself from not reading them?
Books are written or a reason, and that reason is for people like me to read them. I can't very well ignore that, now can I?

9. A book ban is a challenged to me, and it is a challenge I will not win.
A book ban is only for those who want to stop spending money on so many books. However, I am not one of those people. I need books therefore a book ban is almost impossible to abide by.

10. If I don't get new books I get irritable.
Seriously, I begin to freak out if I don't get a new book every week. It is kind of sad, but I am not ashamed to say it!

11. I need fresh fictional worlds to read about, not ones I've already experienced before.
Rereading books can kind of get boring if you've read them more than three times, so I need a new fictional world to explore and fall in love with. If I put myself on a book ban then I wont be able to experience new worlds.

12. I cannot avoid a book store for more than a week nevertheless months.
I swear I have tried to avoid book stores, but every time I go near one I am drawn in like a moth to a flame. Bookstores amaze me because they have every book I could ever want in one place, and being on a book ban would force me to stay away from them. I would have to quarantine myself in my house.  

There you have it, the reasons I can't go on a book ban. Can you go on a book ban? Do you have the self control for it? Just the idea of a book ban makes me cringe!

Have fun reading and not going on book bans! XOXO

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