The Struggles of Being A Book Lover in the Bookstore.

1. Being overwhelmed by the presence of so many books when you walk into the bookstore.
   I know I am not the only one who feels the intimidation of so many books to be read when you walk into a bookstore. 

2. Getting distracted by your favorite book that is being displayed at the door.
   I am so guilty of doing this. I see one of my favorite books displayed and I have a little fangirl episode. 

 3. Having to check out new releases to see if they have a book you want.
   There is no choice in this matter. I HAVE to check the new releases.
4. Making a b line for the YA section.
   The YA section is the first section I go to, and if anyone gets in my way, I will mow him or her down. This has happened before. 

5. Acting passive aggressive when someone is standing in front of the book you want.
   Every time I see a book I want, someone is always standing in front of it and they will not move. I want that book and I will do anything to get it, so I sigh and get closer to the person until they leave. Do not get between a book lover and her prize.
 6. Not having enough arm length to hold your books. 

     7. Being forced to choose certain books because you do not have enough money for them all. 

      8. Being afraid of being judged for the books you get.
   Every time I get a book with a couple kissing on the cover or something like that, It is like I can feel people judging me based on the book cover. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK LOVER BY A BOOK COVER.

  9. Never finding the one book you came to find.
   This never fails to happen to me and when it happens, I have to spend at least an hour trying to find another book I want. 

 10. Having friends with you and never being able to read a whole synopsis because they keep interrupting.
   I always try to book shop alone because when I go with friends, most of them don’t read for fun and they try talking to me when I’m trying to see what the book is about. Like can’t you see that I am reading? 

  11. People looking at a book you love and being tempted to yank the book out of their hands.
   I feel like a book is my diary or my own special book, you know.  So when I see someone reading it, it feels like someone is reading something private and special to me. 

    12. Never having a place to sit in the bookstore isle so you are forced to sit on the ground to read a book.
  You will usually find me sitting in an isle of a bookstore. Bookstores really should put benches in those isles. 

  13. Book stores only displaying books where the dust jacket or paperback is ripped or crumpled.
   I am always having this problem with seeing books that are damaged in some way in bookstores. They should really take better care of their books. 

   14. Hiding a book you want because you cannot get it but you do not want anyone else to get it before you. 

       15. When looking for a book in a series that is hard back and the bookstore only has it in paperback or the reverse.
   This irritates me so much! All I want is a matching book series, is that too much to ask for?! 

   16. Not having a big enough YA section in the bookstore.
   I really wish that the young adult sections in bookstores were bigger. Maybe it is just in my town where the section is only five or six bookshelves big, but I need a bigger YA section. 

    17. Workers are always interrupting when you are browsing the shelves.
   Yes, it is helpful when they ask if you need help and you cannot find a book, but if that is the case, I will seek them out. They do not need to come to me and interrupt my browsing zone.  

  18. Seeing the book you are obsessed with a having a fangirl attack.
    I have done this before and the amount of weird look I got was hilarious. I was jumping up and down, and everyone was looking at me as if I had escaped from a psychiatric hospital. 

 19. Asking if a bookstore carries a book, having to tell them the title, and worrying that they are judging you based on the book you want.
   I have been in this situation many times, where the title of the book I want is quite odd and the worker helping you just has that look on their face like “what the heck are you reading?” That is when I am like “don’t judge me, just find the freaking book”. 

 20. Spending all of your money on books.
   Whenever I get money I always spend it on books, and then I return to being broke. I have not bought new clothes in months, but I buy new books every week. 

Have you ever done or felt any of these things? Let me know in the comments! 

See you in a fictional world XOXO

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