In the Time of Dragon Moon by Janet Lee Carey Review!

An epic fantasy about dragons, dark secrets, Pendragons, and magic
On the southernmost tip of Wilde Island--far from the Dragonswood sanctuary and the Pendragon Castle--live the native Euit people. Uma, who is half Euit and half English, and not fully accepted by her tribe, wants to become a healer like her Euit father. But the mad English queen in the north, desperate for another child, kidnaps Uma and her father and demands that he cure her barrenness. After her father dies, Uma must ensure that the queen is with child by the time of the Dragon Moon, or be burned at the stake.
Terrified and alone, Uma reaches out to her only possible ally: the king's nephew Jackrun, a fiery dragonrider with dragon, fairy, and human blood. Together, they must navigate through a sea of untold secrets, unveil a dark plot spawned long ago in Dragonswood, and find a way to accept all the elements--Euit, English, dragon, and fairy--that make them who they are.
    This book just sucks you in and doesn't let you go. Every moment is filled with something interesting, whether it be secrets, hidden motives, mad Queens, or stolen kisses and crazy plots. This book took me to another world. As I read In the Time of Dragon Moon, the real world fell away and I was swept into Uma's world. I was hooked on this story by the second chapter. From then on, there wasn't a moment that my heart didn't hurt for Uma or cheer for her to succeed. I felt like I was walking in her shoes. I felt like I took her place in this book. Everything about In the Time of Dragon Moon just seemed magical. The descriptions were magical and the atmosphere this book seemed to emit was captivating. Not to mention the fact that dragons are very much a forefront in this book so you know I was going to go crazy over that.
    The trouble and hurt that Uma had to go through was heartbreaking to read, but it made everything feel more real. Her struggles kept me turning every page and as soon as I met Jackrun, I was even more determined to find out what would happen to Uma and him. I was instantly in love with Jackrun, not only because he came in riding a dragon, but because he is so kind to Uma, where others were not. He is another added interest to the story, that's for sure. I could not handle how perfect Uma and him are for each other. That ending had me fangirling over them, I'm telling you. I'm in love with their love, seriously.
    Another thing that I love about this book is that it features a lot of different places and castles. It gave me a feeling of recall as if I was there before. It made the book feel more real to me because Uma traveled and walked to a lot of places. Plus, it added to the adventure of the story. It seemed like every page turned we were going to experience someplace new and it was exciting. In the Time of Dragon Moon also made me feel so many things. This is one book that will seriously captivate you and transport you to that world. I can't talk about it enough because it is so amazing. Every beautifully written chapter had me engrossed more and more until I felt like I was in Uma's shoes. I think it's safe to say that this book is definitely a favorite of mine
    Honestly, I loved everything about this book. It had everything I needed or wanted in a book. It had dragons, of course, but it also had mystery, magic, adventure, and a slow burning romance that had my heart in knots. I loved how beautifully this book was written too. Every word sucked me into the story more and more, and by the end of the book I was aching to go back to that world or for the book to continue on. I also loved how this book had a balance of everything. There was not more adventure than there was romance or mystery. This book had the perfect combination of everything that makes a book great. I easily give it five out of five stars.


  1. I love this cover, its gorgeous! What an interesting storyline too!

    1. I have to agree, Jesse! It is one of my favorite book covers. The synopsis doesn't even do the story justice. The book was way more than I expected!