This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith Review

You know you love a story where the small town girl captures the attention of a major movie star. This is What Happy Looks Like is the perfect novel to fall in love with. It is filled with problems that we have all gone through and it is a book that will keep you coming back for more.
   This is Happy Looks Like is about a girl who receives an email from a stranger about a pig named Wilbur. Ellie starts talking to the stranger who turns out to be Graham Larkin, a big teen movie star! Ellie is still oblivious as to whom she is talking to, but she begins to really like him. She soon finds out it is Graham when he decided the come meet her, and brings his filming crew with him. Between filming his movie and running from paparazzi, Graham is having a hard time finding time to spend with Ellie. Ellie has to decide if staying with Graham is worth the risk of paparazzi taking her picture and her estranged father finding her, or if she has to let Graham go. This story is intriguing and for those of you who love a once in a lifetime love story, than this book is for you, but I was disappointed with this book. Smith’s other novel The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight blew me away, so I was expecting this novel to be just as good. Sadly, it fell short of my expectations. The story lagged and I had to tell myself to finish the book. The main characters where written nicely, but I just was not interested in reading about them anymore.
   If you like a story about perfect strangers finding love unexpectedly then I recommend this book to you. If you liked Smith’s other book then you should read This is What Happy Looks Like and decide for yourself if it is the book for you. I had to give it three out of five stars.

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