Marked by Hades by Reese Monroe Review

   Justin Bradford, a Gatekeeper companion, has denied claiming a mate for 911 years. He has always preferred to stay unattached. Therefore, when his mates Ahavah mark surfaces he denies it with all of his being, until a leather-clad beauty draws him in. Justin realizes that ignoring fate might not be so easy.  Yvonne is shocked when she wakes up naked on a park bench with no memory of her life except her name. Nevertheless, she quickly finds out that when she touches someone they turn to dust. Now the strange mark on her shoulder begins to burn when the raven-haired man appears offering to help her. Justin and Yvonne work together to sift through her past and discover who she was and where she came from. However, they might not like what they find in the past because digging into the past will bring the answer no one expected, and that answer comes with a sacrifice.
    This is another adult fiction book that I really adore. This book starts with a mystery and I absolutely love it when you have to make the journey with a character to find out answers. It makes the story seem more real. Yvonne’s story is so unique and the idea of turning someone to dust with the touch of your hand intrigues me greatly. This book had me hooked from the beginning and I almost read it in one sitting. The plot is so intricate and well thought out that it makes you wonder how someone can come up with such amazing stories. I could really relate to Yvonne’s character and how she was ready to act so selflessly. Justin also made me wish that I had someone that protective no matter what in my life. In addition to the amazing plot and unique characters, I loved the fact that Reese included Lucifer and Gabriel into this book. I have a fascination with angels and seeing how she interpreted them made me love the book even more. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good adult paranormal book, and if you love the television show Supernatural then I think you will love this book. It has some qualities about it that remind me of the show. I gave it four out of five stars!

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