To All the Books I’ve Loved Before book tag

   I got the idea for this book tag from Regan from @peruseproject and her booktube channel Peruse Project, and it is in honor of the book To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. What you do is take a book you love and write a letter to it saying whatever you want. I might just make this into a series of letters. Therefore, without further ado here is my love letter to The Fault in Our Stars. 

Dear the Fault in Our Stars,

 When I cracked you open, I never would have imagined the effect you would have on me.  You changed my life. You took me on a journey I never knew I needed to take, and I am grateful for it. You captured my heart and have not let go, and I never want you to. Seeing things from Hazel Grace’s point of view made me see the world differently, through eyes that had seen the very good and the very bad in life. You allowed me to experience emotions that I have never felt, like heartache for Hazel Grace, despair for Augustus, and hope for their love. You made me see that life is not always what we want it to be, but we learn from each experience, the good and the bad. You taught me to love fully and unafraid because the future is unknown and so is our fate. You are my favorite book for a reason. I cannot unlove you and I do not want to. You have taught me so many lessons and it really changed me for the better. I know others feel the same as well. You gave me hope for an epic love story that could one day be mine. You have made your way to the top of bookdom (like a kingdom but for books) and I could not be more proud of you. I cannot express to you just how much I love you because it would take years to fully comprehend my love or you myself. I will leave you with this, The Fault in Our Stars. I love you, truly and deeply, and I am grateful for our little infinity.

Keep changing lives and DFTBA,

   Now it is your turn. Write a letter to your favorite book, tell it just how much you love it, and do not forget to use the “To All the Books I’ve Loved Before book tag”!

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