April 4, 2014

Nil by Lynne Matson Review

    On the island of Nil you are given 365 days to escape or die, and Charley Crowder is Nil’s next victim. The last thing she remembers is blacking out, and when she awoke, she was naked in a field of rocks. Shocked and scared, the only thing on Charley’s mind is survival. However, Nil may have something else in store for her. Charley begins to accept the she is the only one on the island until a gorgeous boy named Thad, the leader of a refugee clan, finds her on the beach. Soon Charley finds out that you are only given 365 days to escape or die, and time was running out for some people, including Thad. Charley never expected to find herself transported to a mysterious island or to fall in love, but now Charley is determined to fight for her life and Thad’s, which means finding a way to save him before his time runs out. Racing against time and Nil itself, Charley peels back the mysterious layers of the island, but will it be enough to save Thad and herself or will Nil win again? 

    I have never read a book quite like this one. The plot is so unique that it just draws you in. Everything about this book screams mystery and adventure, which I love in a book. While I was reading it, I actually felt like I was transported to the island of Nil, and that is the best thing that could happen when reading a book. Lynne’s writing style is so captivating that once you finish reading it, it takes a while to realize what you just read wasn’t real. I love it when books just take you to another place and do not let you go until long after you have closed the book, and that is what happened to me with Nil. Not only is the story line captivating, but also the characters are very relatable. I found qualities in the characters that I have myself, and as a reader that makes it that much easier to place myself in the story. The characters were not overdone either. Sometimes in fantasy books, the characters seem to be overdone and obscure, but these characters are so real that you forget they are fictional. I was emotionally attached to these characters from the beginning because they seemed so real. That is one of the reasons I love this book. In addition, the love story between Charley and Thad is so bittersweet that it just gives the book that extra push towards amazing. I want a Thad of my own now. I laughed, I got angry, and I cried while reading Nil, but that is how you know it is a great book. Books that stir many emotions are books that will stay with you long after you are done reading and Nil is one of those books. I highly recommend this book to anyone honestly, because it has a little something for everyone. I give it five out of five stars.