Viola Doyle, or an Unconventional Gift by Amy Lynn Spitzley Review

    Viola Doyle has never been the proper lady her mother wishes her to be. Viola just wants to be herself. She rides her bike too fast, talks to a statue of a long dead heroine, and always finds trouble, but when her grandmother gives Viola a magical pendant trouble finds her. Viola makes it her mission to discover the history of the pendent alongside Mikhail, a history professors’ assistant, and they begin to realize that the pendent is more magical then they could have ever imagined. Viola is thrown into a world with dragons, crazy hunters, and magic, and that is only just the beginning it seems.

     I was so excited to read this book because it features dragons in it and I love dragons, but I was so disappointed. The book was set in England around the 1800s and the only time we actually read about the dragon interacting with the characters was at the very end of the book. At first, I had started reading it and I was enjoying it, but as the story progressed, it seemed to drag on. I love a book that is filled with action, adventure, and danger, but this book did not have any of that until the very end. I just felt like the story could have been so much better if there had been more action and adventure, and if the dragon would have interacted with the characters way before the ending. I wanted to love this book, but sadly, I just could not. I give it two out of five stars.

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