April 9, 2014

The Girl and the Raven by Pauline Gruber Review

    Lucy Walker has never had the normal like she longs for, and things are about to get even more abnormal. Lucy is thrust into a world full of witches, demons, shape shifters, and other strange creatures and Lucy is at the center of it all. She now has a mysterious handsome protector, demons climbing into her bedroom, and she has to find the family raven, which holds her magical legacy. On top of it all, she has to defeat the demons that are after her. However, Lucy will come to realize that no one is what they seem to be, and that the lines between good and evil are not so clear. Lucy must find out which side she fights for before it is too late. 

    Let me just get this out. I LOVED THIS BOOK! Everything about it was amazing. Right out of the gate, you are thrown into the story and your emotions are taken for a ride. I was hooked from the first sentence and there was no turning back. The beginning had me on the verge of tears, which rarely happens at the beginning of a book because you are just getting started, but no, this book had me hooked. The characters practically jumped off the page because they seemed so real. You never quite knew what they were going to do.  They were unpredictable and that is one thing you do not find very often in books. The plot of this book is so unique also. You are kept guessing after every chapter as to what is going to happen next and those are the best kinds of books. There are huge plot twists in this book that made my heart pound, and I loved it. The love story in this book is so sweet and unpredictable that in infuriates you because you cannot tell where their journey will lead, but it keeps you turning the page to find out. There is nothing in the book that I did not love. The story made my heart pound, the characters made me wish I was there, and the love story made me wish I was Lucy. I need a second book immediately! I highly recommend this book to anyone because it has it all, mystery, adventure, and paranormal action. I give it five out of five stars!