Worth the Wait by Laura Jackson Review

    Ellie Lansing has her whole life planned out. She planned to go to college with her long time boyfriend and then marry him. However that all comes crashing down when Ellie learns that not only did her boyfriend cheat on her, but her mother has cancer as well. Ellie begins to realize that she had gotten so used to living for her boyfriend that when he is gone she is lost. Now, Ellie must reevaluate her life and what God planned for her. She soon realizes just how much she missed when her world was wrapped around her ex. 

    Worth the Wait is about finding yourself and overcoming sadness, anger, and fear. We have all been in a situation where we have been so wrapped up in emotions that the real world sometimes drops away and this book takes us on a journey through a young girl’s life who is experiencing the same thing. It deals with real life issues like cheating boyfriends, spiteful high school girls, amazing best friends, How God works in your life, and boy best friends who really hold your heart. That is what I love about this book, it is a Christian fiction novel, but it does not preach at you. Some Christian fiction novels can sound like they are preaching at you, but this book is not like that at all. I loved that Laura wrote this book to be so real. It is about cheating and how even the most faithful girl can turn again God out of anger or hurt, and it really did teach me a lesson on how to handle situations like a cheating boyfriend.  I loved how the plot is not completely centered on religion, but that it is centered on the struggles of a teenage Christian girl. I will say that the heroine seemed a bit irritating at times in the book, but we would react the same way if we were in her position. Worth the Wait is not about getting over a long time boyfriend who cheated on you and moving on to another one. It is about finding yourself and realizing that you need to know yourself before you can start a relationship. I really loved this story and I would definitely reread it if I get the chance. I gave it four out of five stars. 

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