Need help finding cheaper books? I have just the post for you.

  Recently I have decided that I will no longer be getting my books from Amazon in light of recent news of Amazon’s questionable actions, links will be below on more information of these actions. That being said I have found some amazing websites where you can find books for extremely low prices and for my US followers even free shipping!
o   Abebooks.com
-here you can find used and new books for really cheap. I have shopped here before and I have loved the products. This website works similar to Amazon, where people can sell their books and use Abebooks as a go between to display the books they want to sell. Independent bookstores use this website to sell their books too. They also have specific Abebook sites for international shoppers.
o    Bookoutlet.com
-Bookoutlet is better known, especially in bootube. I have also shopped here and I could get eight books most of which are hardback for less than $40. I highly recommend using this site to get your books, but the downside is that they may not have a specific book you are looking for. They ship international too!
o   Half.com
-Half is an eBay-sponsored site, which is similar to Amazon. I have not shopped here, but from what I have seen they have some good prices!
o   Cheapestbooksprices.com
-This is a place where you can search for a book title and find the cheapest price that is posted on the internet for that book. You can search for the cheapest used and new book!  I have used this site many times and my bank account thanks me for it.
o   Thriftbooks.com
-I love this website the most because they are the most likely to have any book you are looking for AND shipping is free for those of us in the US! Shipping for my international followers is also a little cheaper but keep in mind that any international shipping will be pricey.
 I hope this helps you save some money and get the books you have been dying to read! Happy book hunting!

Articles on Amazon’s questionable actions:

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