Original (very) short scene by yours truly.

    As some of you may know, I love to write and I have three books in the works. Before I started writing my books, I was writing short stories, little situations, and things like that just to explore my creativity. I found out that I had a passion for the paranormal. To set the scene for this short action scene it features a girl who was relaxing in the woods behind her house before a wolf spotted her across the creek and gave chase. There is also another wolf who is somewhat of a protector for her. This is what I came up with.

A White Wolf

My legs ache, but I continue to run faster. The forest blurs around me. A burst of white merges with the sea of emerald and russet, creating a terrifying scene.

 I can hear my heartbeat, the sound of it dances in my ear. I run to the beat of my heart, faster and faster I go.

The creature following me chases without mercy. Its howl pierces the silent night. Everything comes to life then. I hear the rhythm of my feet pounding along the forest floor. I can hear the cicada’s loud symphony from the trees.  The harsh and rough intake of my breath, and just as quickly as it came, it is gone again. The wolf’s howl sounds again as if calling for silence while it hunts me.

I look for a familiar scene, but I see none. I continue to run blindly hopping to find the clearing behind my house that I call my retreat. I think back to the scene before the white wolf came crashing through the forest, where I was walking along the creek. I could not have strayed too far from the trail because the creek leads past the clearing. The wolf had crashed through the trees across the water and seemed not to notice me until I sucked in a sharp breath.

He had turned sharply my way and snarled, that was when I ran. Figuring that the wolf would not cross the creek I ran from it. I was wrong.

A snarl shatters my reverie. I immediately stop fearing that if I go on I will surely die. I look at my surroundings. The scene I know, the way the creek flows so softly through it. I recognize the way the trees all seem to bend towards the clearing, listening perhaps for a secret to be told. One thing is out of place though.

There the white wolf stands, legs braced, head down, and teeth barred. It ruins my illusion of a sanctuary. My knees begin to shake whether it is from the hard run or from fear, I am not certain. Unable to hold myself up any more I fall to my knees.

I start to see spots in my vision. My lungs are like lead weights in my chest. Panic sets in as the white wolf slowly begins to circle me, mistaking my position as surrender. As he circles, the dread slowly sinks in. I know this is the end.

Too soon, I start to lose myself in the panic, feeling my consciousness slip away I look into the white wolfs eyes. What I see shocks me. I see hate, an animal with emotions?

“Who are you?” I ask it. The struggle to stay conscious is a losing battle, to which I slowly succumb.

I slowly close my eyes but before darkness covers me with its peaceful blanket I see a little piece of heaven. I see my black wolf emerge from the bushes, and then I know I will live because I know that black wolf. He was there when I broke my arm in the forest, he was there when I barred my darkest secret to the forest, and he was there when my life changed forever. I begin to hope that I will survive this after all. My black wolf is fierce and loyal.

My beautiful savior had come to take me from the grips of Death. I closed my eyes and succumbed to the darkness. The last thing I heard were the sounds of battle with no indication of who would win and then nothing at all.
I hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn't don't tell me. There are many scenes like this in my stack of writing so I may post more if you all enjoy them. My passion is to write and I hope one day that I will become an author.

Happy reading!

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