Saving Mercy by Nicole Tillman Review!

Ryan Callahan
Intelligent. Pensive. Reclusive.

Mercy Hunter
Ambitious. Optimistic. Independent.

Ryan thought he was on the fast track to his dream life. That is, until he woke up without a pulse. Realizing he has no way to leave the space where he took his last breath, he fears he is destined to spend eternity within the confines of his dreary apartment walls.
Mercy is certain she has left the clairvoyant tendencies of her bloodline behind. However, when she arrives at her new apartment in blustery Chicago, she is shocked to find that the previous tenant, Ryan, has stayed behind.
As their unique friendship blossoms, Ryan begins to think he's been left behind to act as Mercy's protector, but she doesn't seem to be the kind of woman who wants to be protected.
Meanwhile, Mercy is convinced it's her job to help Ryan cross over, but as she grows to know him, she's not entirely sure she's selfless enough to let him go.
As they struggle through the complexities of their relationship, they realize that the collision of their worlds isn't just coincidence. It's fate.

    Saving Mercy had a really great and captivating start, which is always a plus for me. I had no idea where the story was going, but I wanted to see what would happen since the synopsis was so vague. I realized when I started this book that it featured dual POVs. I'm not usually a fan of dual POVs, but for this book it made sense and it worked. Plus, it added something extra to the story.
    One thing I liked about this book were the characters. Mercy is headstrong, determined, and very intuitive. She is a character that you can relate to. Ryan, on the other hand, is a little harder to describe, but he made me laugh so he is a winner in my book. I loved his snarky attitude and quick wit; it was an added bonus to his character. I loved how sweet and passionate he was also. He was so sweet to Mercy and I loved them together. They made my heart happy.
    I liked how we started off not knowing where this story is going, but as we go along we begin to get hints that Mercy might need Ryan's help. It was like slowly unwrapping a present, and it built anticipation nicely. It was intriguing that Ryan, who is a ghost, could somehow help Mercy. I have to say, I'm not usually drawn to ghost books, but this one I liked until I got to the ending.
    One thing I would have changed about this book was how it all ended. I was left wanting more of Ryan and Mercy, and I felt a little in the dark. I can't say I liked how things turned out. We were left in the middle of nowhere with Mercy and Ryan before we picked up somewhere else with someone else’s story. I can’t give anything away without spoiling the book, but we really do leave Mercy and Ryan’s story behind and pick up on a story of two other people who were in their lives. I loved Mercy and Ryan's story, and I can't help but be sad that it didn't go the way I thought it would. This book took a complete 180 towards the end and left me feeling confused. Honestly, before that 180 happened this book was a four star book for me. However, when I was done reading Saving Mercy, it was a three star rating for me. If only the author would have stuck to the story I came to love then I would have loved Saving Mercy in the end. I can't say I understand that ending or the shift, but I have to give the author points for the plot twist. It's not easy to throw me through a loop like that, but she definitely succeeded with Saving Mercy. I think I will be checking out her other books just to see what else she has in store for readers. I give Saving Mercy three out of five stars.

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