April 26, 2014

The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons Review

    Everything you have heard about Medusa is wrong; she was brutally attacked by one god and unfairly cursed by another. For two thousand years, Medusa has lived in seclusion on an enchanted island by the Aegean Sea in fear of the god who brutally attacked her. Medusa is not the monster the myths have made her out to be, she is a far cry from it in fact. She spends her time alone on her island gardening, educating herself, and scaring away helpless humans who, much to her dismay, turn to stone if they catch her off guard. Medusa only wished to have the life back that was stolen from her so long ago. The day finally comes when Hermes, one of Medusa’s closest friends, finally steps up and petitions for the gods to reverse her curse. Medusa begins a journey of healing as she reclaims the life that was stolen from her, and along the way, she might even find love. However, the god that brutally attacked her wants her back, and he will stop at nothing to get her. Medusa is thrown into a battle of the gods, and she is right in the middle. 

    I had no idea how much I would love this book when I started it. I absolutely adore books about mythology and this book was beyond my expectations. The plot was so creative, mysterious, and intriguing that you are kept wanting more and hoping that the story never ends. Like most people, I never liked Medusa, Hades, or any of the gods that were perceived as evil, but this book changed my view of EVERY Greek god. After reading The Deep End of the Sea, I ended up hating the gods I used to love, and loving the gods I used to hate. I like so many aspects of this book, but the one aspect I love most is that it takes the myth of Medusa and completely changes it. Heather gives Medusa’s side of the story, and it is so creative and compelling that when you finish the book, you end up cheering for Medusa. Now, if that does not tell you how amazing this book is then, let me tell you about the characters. This book made me love Medusa, and the relationship between her and Hermes made me wish I had someone like him for myself. Medusa evolves so much in this story that you cannot help but admire and envy her. She overcomes her biggest struggle and in the end, she finally understands what it is like to be happy. Heather’s writing is so real that I could practically feel Medusa’s emotions, and that is how you can tell that this book is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves mythology, and a good love story. You will not regret reading this I assure you. The Deep End of the Sea has made it onto my favorites list on Goodreads for a reason. I gave it five out of five stars!

April 23, 2014

Searching for Sky by Jillian Cantor Review

    Island is all Sky and River have ever known. For fourteen years, they have managed to survive on the secluded island, so when River spots a boat their world is turned upside down. Sky and River are rescued and taken back to the place they were born. A place filled with mystery, California. Sky does not like it in California, and she begins to hate it when she and River are separated. Now, she is forced to live with a grandmother she does not know, and learn how this strange new world works. Without River, Sky cannot make sense of anything, and she begins to yearn for the life she had on Island, where it was just her and River. Sky starts searching for River so that they can return to Island, but in her search for him, she will uncover truths that she never could have imagined. Sky’s world is about to be turned upside down, and she must learn how to hang on. 

    Jillian has created a masterpiece with Searching for Sky. This book is haunting, enlightening, heartbreaking, and enticing. I cannot explain to you how much I love this book, I really cannot. Everything about it, from the storyline to the characters just made me fall head over heels in love. Jillian weaves this tale of shipwrecked children who have survived fourteen years on a deserted island, and when they return to California, they are shocked by everything. Sky has to learn the concept of money, murder, and so much more. She has the innocence of a child but the mind of a teen, so being able to see what she thinks of murder and money, having been secluded from it all, truly is eye opening. Along with those eye-opening scenes, Sky and River’s story is truly incredible and heartbreaking. I really cannot express to you  how much their story tugs at my heartstrings. Sky is forced to leave River and since they are not on Island anymore, River was all she ever knew here in this new world. He was the constant in her life. He was her infinity. Their story taught me so many lessons about how you need to cherish the people in your life for as long as you have them. Their journey in this book brought tears to my eyes more than once, and that is when I knew that this book would change me. Searching for Sky made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me angry, but most of all, it made me think. The best books are the books that capture your emotions and your mind, and this book grabbed both of mine with an incredible force. I was expecting a lot out of this book and I got more than I bargained for, which truly dumbfounded me. I stayed up until six A.M. finishing this book because I was hooked. It is now my new favorite book. Searching for Sky is a book that is a necessary read just for the two simple facts that it will change how you see the world, and Sky and River’s story deserves to be read. It is a book that will have you thinking about it for days, months, years after you have finished it. Honestly, I would not be surprised if this book became a best seller Do not miss the chance to experience Sky‘s journey because you will not regret it. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I would give this book a million stars if I could, but I will simply have to concede with giving it five out of five stars.

Searching for Sky comes out on May 13, 2014 so do not forget to add it to your TBR list! 

P.S. Jillian if you are reading this, I love how you signed my ARC "Happy reading!" because I was expecting a lighthearted happy story after that! Little did I know...

April 15, 2014

To All the Books I’ve Loved Before book tag

   I got the idea for this book tag from Regan from @peruseproject and her booktube channel Peruse Project, and it is in honor of the book To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. What you do is take a book you love and write a letter to it saying whatever you want. I might just make this into a series of letters. Therefore, without further ado here is my love letter to The Fault in Our Stars. 

Dear the Fault in Our Stars,

 When I cracked you open, I never would have imagined the effect you would have on me.  You changed my life. You took me on a journey I never knew I needed to take, and I am grateful for it. You captured my heart and have not let go, and I never want you to. Seeing things from Hazel Grace’s point of view made me see the world differently, through eyes that had seen the very good and the very bad in life. You allowed me to experience emotions that I have never felt, like heartache for Hazel Grace, despair for Augustus, and hope for their love. You made me see that life is not always what we want it to be, but we learn from each experience, the good and the bad. You taught me to love fully and unafraid because the future is unknown and so is our fate. You are my favorite book for a reason. I cannot unlove you and I do not want to. You have taught me so many lessons and it really changed me for the better. I know others feel the same as well. You gave me hope for an epic love story that could one day be mine. You have made your way to the top of bookdom (like a kingdom but for books) and I could not be more proud of you. I cannot express to you just how much I love you because it would take years to fully comprehend my love or you myself. I will leave you with this, The Fault in Our Stars. I love you, truly and deeply, and I am grateful for our little infinity.

Keep changing lives and DFTBA,

   Now it is your turn. Write a letter to your favorite book, tell it just how much you love it, and do not forget to use the “To All the Books I’ve Loved Before book tag”!

Marked by Hades by Reese Monroe Review

   Justin Bradford, a Gatekeeper companion, has denied claiming a mate for 911 years. He has always preferred to stay unattached. Therefore, when his mates Ahavah mark surfaces he denies it with all of his being, until a leather-clad beauty draws him in. Justin realizes that ignoring fate might not be so easy.  Yvonne is shocked when she wakes up naked on a park bench with no memory of her life except her name. Nevertheless, she quickly finds out that when she touches someone they turn to dust. Now the strange mark on her shoulder begins to burn when the raven-haired man appears offering to help her. Justin and Yvonne work together to sift through her past and discover who she was and where she came from. However, they might not like what they find in the past because digging into the past will bring the answer no one expected, and that answer comes with a sacrifice.
    This is another adult fiction book that I really adore. This book starts with a mystery and I absolutely love it when you have to make the journey with a character to find out answers. It makes the story seem more real. Yvonne’s story is so unique and the idea of turning someone to dust with the touch of your hand intrigues me greatly. This book had me hooked from the beginning and I almost read it in one sitting. The plot is so intricate and well thought out that it makes you wonder how someone can come up with such amazing stories. I could really relate to Yvonne’s character and how she was ready to act so selflessly. Justin also made me wish that I had someone that protective no matter what in my life. In addition to the amazing plot and unique characters, I loved the fact that Reese included Lucifer and Gabriel into this book. I have a fascination with angels and seeing how she interpreted them made me love the book even more. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good adult paranormal book, and if you love the television show Supernatural then I think you will love this book. It has some qualities about it that remind me of the show. I gave it four out of five stars!

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins Review

    Harper Price is the belle of Alabama. She has the perfect boyfriend, she is a cheerleader, and to top it all off she is the president of pretty much every school club available. However, on the night of her homecoming dance, everything changes. Harper is imbued the power of a Paladin, a mysterious race of knights who are gifted with strength and agility which she will need to fight of her crazy sword wielding history teacher. The craziness just keeps coming when Harper is told she was given this power to protect David Stark, the school reporter, and her arch nemesis. Things get even more complicated when Harper begins to fall for David, and they realize that David is even more special then they could have ever imagined. David’s fate now lies in Harper’s hands, but will she accept the burden?

    I love this book so much. Everything about it appealed to me from the sword wielding southern belle to the idea of the mysterious power of a Paladin. Rachel brought this book to life and I loved every minute of it. Harper seems perfect in the beginning but as the story progresses you begin to see that she has cracks, and that is what I love in a book. I love it when the main character has flaws even when they seem perfect because it makes the story even more real. Not only did the characters keep me entertained, but also the plot had me hungry for more. I would have read this book in one sitting if sleep had not gotten in the way. The plot has so many twists and turns that you are kept on your toes throughout the whole book. The action and adventure in the book also helps captivate your attention, and when you are done, you are left wanting more! I highly recommend this book to anyone because this is a book you NEED in your collection, trust me. I gave it five out of five stars!